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Which is Better Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets?

delta vs moen kitchen faucets

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen faucet, you may wonder if Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets, which is the better brand. Both brands are popular and have their pros and cons. In this article, we’ll compare Delta and Moen kitchen faucets to help you decide which brand is right for you.

Generally, Delta faucets come at a perfectly reasonable price than Moen’s. Besides, they have many low-price choices. For example, Delta faucets are easier to install and cost less money for the plumber to install. 

In contrast, Moen has a great design of finishes and technology. Moreover, its warranty is perfect and covers all parts. Now, let’s get started with the information about each brand.

About Delta Brand

Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets


The company Delta was founded in 1954 and now produces high-quality faucets for any need. The designs are simple yet elegant with great functionality that lasts through years of use.

Delta’s goal is to make people feel better, and they do it through the water. The company has created simple solutions for a significant change in the human view, one sip at a time!

Delta has always been an innovation leader in the plumbing and faucet industry, creating Touch2O®, and MagnaTite® Docking technology for their products, improving function and increasing performance with every use!


  • The price of Delta faucets is lower than $70, which will be affordable for most users
  • It is straightforward to install
  • The Essa model is one of the most excellent touchless faucets 


  • It might be a little confusing because their product line is complicated with several sub-brands, such as Brisco and Peerless. 

Top Products 

  • Leland 9178T-DST single handle 
  • Cassidy 4197 Dst Sink faucet 
  • Essa 9113 DST Pull Down sink faucet 
  • Windemere 21996LF Faucet 

About Moen Brand

Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets

Moen faucets are an American company that has been around since 1937. They’re known for their high-quality line of bathroom and kitchen products, including single handle heads or whole house systems with many devices under one hood!

Moen has been a leader in bathroom hardware for years, and its latest innovations are no exception. Instead, their sleek design features high-quality materials that will last long enough to pay off your mortgage or fund an extravagant European trip!

Moen has been the first to introduce many innovations in kitchen faucets, including MotionSenseTM, which allows for individualized water temperature control. 

Power CleanTM technology provides an extra boost when you need it most by automatically shutting off during large splashes or drops so that they don’t damage any surfaces below them – this includes pipes! 

The company also boasts Hydro Roller Massage Combination Showerheads with multiple sprays and massage functions all rolled into one sleek design.


  • It has many different styles, models, finishes, and technologies.
  • Moen comes with a great warranty. 


  • It is more expensive since most of these faucets are premium. 

Top Models

  • Moen Arbor Kitchen faucet
  • Moen 5923 Align Faucet
  • Moen Brantford faucet 
  • Moen Edwyn Faucet 
  • Moen 87042 Edison Faucet

Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets Comparisons

Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets

The Moen and Delta faucets are two of the most popular models in America. They both have great features that every homeowner will love, but there are also some differences you should consider before buying – like the price, for example!


With sleek, high arc designs that are modern in appearance – Moen kitchen faucets provide simple usability and environmentally friendly features to make your home’s cooking area shine. 

Even the cheapest model stands out with elegant shiny finishes, which will have everyone bustling around admiring its beauty!

Whether looking for a classic or modern design, Delta has the perfect kitchen faucet to match your style. The company offers both traditional and transitional methods, meaning there’s something here that will fit any decorating trend!


The finish of a kitchen faucet can make or break your design. The right color helps to match the rest of one’s home’s décor while also providing ease for cleaning that will last longer than just about any other aspect in this area!

These kitchen faucets provide a variety of finishes among their models. The most common are stainless steel, chrome, and Ivory, with Moen’s offerings having fewer choices for color or pattern than Delta in the category. 

However, there is still more choice compared to other companies because they also have options like black colors and bronze, which aren’t found on many others’ product lists!


The market is full of different kitchen faucets, but Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets has been on the top since they were introduced.

Moen’s newest technology, the Power Clean Tech, is a unique nozzle design that releases water with 50% more force to help dishes clean more accessible and faster. This tech can be used on any faucet, so there are no extra costs or headaches when you want some new style in your kitchen!

Delta’s remarkable technologies make it stand out in the market. For example, the Touch2O Technology requires a simple touch on the faucet to open and close water, while MagnaTite® Docking helps keep your spray wand stationary when you’re not using it, preventing any drops from happening!

Spray tech 

The Moen faucets use Power Clean technology to provide concentrated spray powerful enough to wash dishes and save water. The Delta model is explicitly designed for low-pressure kitchens, making it better than most other types of kitchen sink fixtures on the market today!

Spot resistant 

Moen faucets come with various technologies to keep them looking new for longer. Some models feature SpotResist, which works well, and has few complaints about customer quality. 

Other Delta collections include Brilliance® finishes that prevent tarnishing or discoloration from metal dissolution in the water while still protecting against stains–allowing you more time between housekeeping chores!


Moen faucet’s price starts from $70 to $700, while Delta’s is about $75 to $590. 


Moen faucets come in various styles and designs for multiple needs; for example, you can choose between handles, holes, or an arc shape on your spout!

With different handles, spouts, and holes, there’s a perfect Delta faucet for any need. You’ll love how efficient these water gauges are!


The two brands have a lot in common, including their high-quality products. They offer modern styles designed with popular technologies to match today’s lifestyles.


Moen and Delta offer lifetime warranties on most parts, Moen warranty covers most aspects except for Dangme from installation. Delta only covers the wear and tear of the faucet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best kitchen faucet?

Delta and Moen offer high-quality products designed to match today’s lifestyles. If you’re looking for a modern style, you can’t go wrong with either brand!

  • Are Moen and Delta interchangeable?

Moen and Delta kitchen faucets are not interchangeable. Although both brands offer quality products, they have different designs that make them incompatible. So, for example, if you’re looking to replace your Moen faucet with a Delta, you’ll need to purchase a new model altogether!

  •  Do plumbers prefer Delta or Moen?

There is no definitive answer, as Delta and Moen offer quality products that plumbers trust. However, Delta does have a few advantages over Moen, such as their Touch2O Technology and MagnaTite® Docking system. These features make Delta faucets easier to use and less likely to leak, which is why many plumbers prefer them!

  • Are Delta or Moen faucets better?

There is no definitive answer, as Delta and Moen offer quality products that plumbers trust. However, Delta does have a few advantages over Moen, such as their Touch2O Technology and MagnaTite® Docking system. 

These features make Delta faucets easier to use and less likely to leak, which is why many plumbers prefer them!

  • What is the best touchless kitchen faucet?

The best touchless kitchen faucet is the Delta Faucet 9178T-AR-DST, which features Touch2O Technology that allows you to turn the water on and off with your hand. This hands-free operation is perfect for busy cooks who don’t have time to fumble with a traditional handle!

  • What is the best kitchen faucet for hard water?

The best kitchen faucet for hard water is the Moen 7594ESRS, which features a Power Boost® technology that increases flow by 20%. This allows you to quickly and easily fill pots and pans, even with challenging water conditions!

  • Are Delta or Moen faucets worth the money? 

Delta and Moen offer quality products backed by lifetime warranties, so you can be sure you’re making a wise investment no matter which one you choose! In general, Delta faucets tend to be slightly more expensive than Moen, but both brands offer excellent value for the price.

  •  Are touchless kitchen faucets worth it? 

There are several advantages of touchless kitchen faucets, such as the fact that it’s more hygienic since you’re not coming in contact with dirty handles. They’re also more convenient since you can wave your hand in front of the sensor to turn the water on or off. 

And finally, touchless faucets are less likely to leak since there’s no handle to jiggle loose over time! So if you’re looking for a quality kitchen faucet that will make your life easier, a touchless model is worth considering!



No matter your brand, you can be confident that you’re getting a quality product. Both Delta vs Moen Kitchen Faucets offer a variety of styles and technologies to suit your needs, and lifetime warranties back their products. So take your time to compare the features of each brand before making your decision – and enjoy your new kitchen faucet!

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